Why Watching Masked Singer & Other TV Is Fun

The new show Celebrity Watch Party may not be an entirely new concept but it definitely is a lot of fun. Watching your favorite show clips.

The new show Celebrity Watch Party may not be an entirely new concept but it definitely is a lot of fun. Watching your favorite show clips with celebrities proves to be far more entertaining than it sounds.

When Celebrity Watch Party premiered on Fox a few weeks ago, it didn’t have a lot of fanfare and many may have missed it. However, it’s worth checking out and that first few episodes are available on Hulu. The premise of the show is simple enough and has been done before. Fans watch celebrities watch shocking bits of TV or movies for their reaction. It’s been done with comedians, regular TV viewers and of course celebrities. The idea of watching other people watch things for the first time is currently also a very popular current trend on social media where people post videos of others watching the pivotal and shocking scenes of shows like Game of Thrones and Grey’s Anatomy for the first time.

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The first two weeks of Celebrity Watch Party have brought a wide array of clips and celebrities. During week one, one of the clips the celebs got to watch the unmasking of Kitty on The Masked Singer. Many fans of the show shared music legend Ozzy Osborne’s reaction to the unveiling which was, “Who the f**k is that?” However, Sharon Osbourne was quick to point out that the singer Jackie Evancho had actually been on America’s Got Talent when she was a judge. It was a funny moment for fans of the show who love the unmaskings but can’t possibly always know the celeb behind every mask.

An equally hilarious moment came week two when rapper Romeo Miller was explaining the clip from the TV show 911 to his father. There isn’t much that could have made the Are You The One host more relatable then hearing him explain the romantic history of Buck and Abby and watching him react as viewers did to the drama that unfolded in the finale. His explanation made it clear that he was not seeing the show for the first time. As a matter of fact, he seemed as invested in the show as any die-hard fan would be.

There were also some shocking moments, courtesy of some of reality TV’s more squeamish offerings. Week one showed a clip from the show Dr. Pimple Popper. Watching Rob Lowe and Tyra Banks and their families scream and recoil in the same horror every other viewer felt was more entertaining than the clip itself. Week two’s episode had another of those moments when a more obscure show called Kings of Pain showed two men intentionally being bitten by a snake large enough to eat a small person, a fact they made sure to point out. The celebrities had the same reaction most people would questioning, “Who does that?” and questioning the intelligence of that decision.

The celebrities were varied to with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak appearing both weeks it was more than just actors and musicians. Some of the celebrities appeared both weeks while some changed. It is unclear how many new celebrities will be introduced each week and whether or not any of them will appear for the entire show run. What isn’t unclear is that the show is fun. Maybe we are all starved for entertainment, but this is a great way to fill some time. Also in a time where celebrities are getting a lot of backlash for being out of touch for one hour a week, we get to see them in a way we can relate to. As regular TV and movie fans like the rest of us.

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Celebrity Watch Party airs Thursdays at 8pm EST on Fox.


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