Viral Video Slams Celebrities During Quarantine

A recent video showcased several people offering a sarcastic “thanks” to celebrities for helping them deal with the trials of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the associated quarantine.

Shared by Twitter user Greta Lee Jackson, the video features people talking about things they’ve had to deal with due to coronavirus, including lost jobs, deaths of family members and more. After each person explains their situation, they offer a sarcastic “thanks” to various celebrities. Some of the celebrities mentioned in the video include Ellen Degeneres, Amanda Keller, Manu from Masterchef, Sam Armitage and Alf Stewart.

Jackson captioned her video with, “Thanks, celebrities, for everything you do for us,” and added the hashtag #giveusyourmoney.

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Several celebrities have been called out in the last few months for their “tone deaf” responses to people being in quarantine, including Wonder Woman 1984‘s Gal Gadot, who shared a video of herself and other celebrities singing John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Meanwhile, relief is being offered in many countries for those who have lost wages or jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. The United States is providing a $1200 stimulus check to its citizens.

Countries all over the world are still experiencing massive numbers of coronavirus cases, with the United States leading at 905,000 confirmed cases. Currently, there are over 2,800,000 confirmed cases worldwide.

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The World Health Organization has recommended that everyone stay home as much as possible to avoid spreading the disease. It has also been recommended that people frequently wash their hands, wear face masks when outside the home, practice social distancing and avoid touching their faces.

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