These 3 popular celebrities are bringing hope to people affected by the coronavirus

During their quarantine, many famous celebrities have been getting creative, entertaining fans from behind their home computers. While we’ve already shared how John Krasinski started his own good news channel from his home office, other familiar faces are proving to be a shining light during the current pandemic.

Mark Wahlberg

The dad of four and Hollywood star is always happy to share his faith and hope on social media. Recently he posted a video expressing gratitude to those working for H-E-B Partners, and their ability to provide for crowds of shoppers, “I want to say thank you for manning the frontlines for us and doing a great job and keeping all of us stocked with all the things that we need to survive. I appreciate what you’re doing and I know how hard you’ve all been working,” Wahlberg added: “We’re all appreciative and what you’re doing for America is so amazing.”

It’s a simple act of thanks, but the efforts of the devout Catholic had an impact on one particular employee who shared on Twitter how Wahlberg’s message has made her determined to work harder.

Matthew McConaughey

The actor and dad of 3 used his voice skills to the best of his ability when recently joining in a game of “virtual” bingo with some seniors isolating in a nursing home, as reported by Fox News. The sheer joy and enthusiasm shared by the native Texan would have put a smile on anyone taking part, regardless of the outcome of the game.

Gary Sinise

Through his Gary Sinise Foundation the actor (known for his dedication to veterans) is reaching out to first responders most impacted by the virus. The foundation has offered places for LAPD officers to rest up after their 12-hour shifts. Providing accommodation to these key workers in Elysian Park, the officers will also be provided with food, dry cleaning, and even a barber.

In the spirit of Sinise’s dedication to the services, the foundation has also donated vital equipment, such as protective gear and sterilizing equipment, throughout the country. The foundation is also going giving financial aid to first responders who may become personally affected by COVID-19.

These are but a few examples of how everybody can have a positive effect on boosting the morale and hopes of those who might be in need during these difficult times.


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