the hair color trend of summer according to celebrities

With the tip of his nose, the hair, go from dark to light and the hair are present rubio. The side of the people, the celebrities have passed the word and many of them are giving in to the appeal of this color.

The heads famous dye of the blonde

With each new season, your hair cut. So, with the arrival of summer and sunny days that accompany it, some celebrities have decided to pass to the rubio ! Avant-garde, Kaia Gerber was the first to pass the cape. Very quickly, other stars who have not hesitated to follow their example : amongst them, one finds its counterpart in the model Emily Ratajkowski or actress Millie Bobby Brown.

Hair trend of the summer of 2020 : the rubio signs of his return

Perhaps we should have been in doubt. In the last few months, the blonde was already making appearances shy over our heads, bristly with the Rogue hair (two blonde locks surrounding the face), or the Two-tone hair (the upper half of the hair is blonde when the other bottom half is dark). Now, with the official arrival of summer, it is loose, it is the cheek of an outgoing person and invests the whole head of hair. What do you want ; the sun gives us the desires of gold !

A multiplicity of blond for every woman

If rubio is THE great hair trends-the summer of 2020, to each his own. All shades adapt to not all skin tones : a golden blonde going to go more for women who have a sub-dyed hotwhen a blonde cold and/or clear improving skin tones with a sub-complexion of a cold and/or pink. Honey and golden blonde, will suit, so warm skin tones. The platinum and the polar adjustment to the sub-cold tone.

And you, do you dare to go blonde ?

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