The Celebrity Haircuts Of 2020 That You Might Have Missed (But Definitely Need To See)

When you get your hair cut, it probably doesn’t make the news. However, when a celebrity gets their hair cut, chances are it’s making its way to some kind of headline for being covetable, trend-setting, or even just shocking. But 2020 has been a packed — some may say overwhelming — year thus far, which means you might have missed a few of those changes. So, pull up a chair or re-fluff your pillow, because ahead are the 2020 celebrity haircuts you don’t want to miss out on.

While you may think the majority of dramatic changes have happened since the start of quarantine (looking at stars like Rosalía and Ruby Rose), a fair share of celebs switched things up way before then. Like actor Barbie Ferreira, who helped kick off one of the year’s most unexpected hair trends, the mullet, back in January. And though lots of things should be left in the ’80s, it has to be said, the look is quite good with a modern upgrade. Along with revivals, the year has also shuffled in a number of pixie cuts and bobs proving there’s never a wrong time to make the chop.

From bangs to buzz cuts, the year has plenty to ogle over. Keep reading for the must-see celebrity haircuts that have gone down in 2020 so far.

Miley Cyrus’ Pixie-Slash-Mullet

The new year has brought many hair changes for Cyrus and as of mid-May this pixie-slash-mullet is her latest venture. It still has the mullet’s signature short front and long back, but now the cut is super choppy with the longest pieces hitting just at the base of her neck.

Selena Gomez’s “The Rachel”

Back in March, Gomez revived “The Rachel” and reminded everyone why Jennifer Aniston’s cut in Friend’s was so famous in the first place. Instead of simply copying the style in length and varying face-framing layers, Gomez’s cut also included bangs. Which, stylist Marissa Marino said was inspired by Goldie Hawn in The First Wives Club.

Ruby Rose’s Buzz Cut

In late April, Rose took her signature pixie even shorter with a buzz cut. At the time she kept a small braid to dangle in the front, but has now rid of that leaving her with barely an inch of length. Length isn’t the only update, either; as with many other celebrities in quarantine, the actor also dyed her hair bright pink and aqua à la Harley Quinn.

Rosalía’s Bangs

Speaking of quarantine hair adventures, singer Rosalía gave herself straight-across bangs in late March. Her previous hairstyle lacked any type of bangs, albeit a few face-framing pieces, so the fringe was a dramatic change. Hats off to her, though, because she executed the style amazingly.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Pixie

After swapping out her blonde pixie in summer 2019 for blonde box braids, Pinkett Smith returned to a shorter length in January. This time around, though, she kept things a tad longer on top to let her natural curls come through. And as good as the braids mega length looked on her, here’s hoping the pixie, and curls, stay a little while longer.

Hayden Panettiere’s Pixie

Since Hayden Panettiere doesn’t have Instagram, there’s a very strong chance you missed the actors huge chop in February. Her standard long, blonde locks lost serious length when stylist Naomi Szloboda cut them into a pixie while on vacation. Though her sides were shaved down, her top still maintained a good amount of length for styling and flipping around.

Barbie Ferreira’s Mullet

Ferreira rang in the new year in early January with one of 2020’s most unexpected trending cut: the mullet. Since Ferreira already had bangs and a lob, stylist Sylvia Wheeler just cut, according to her Instagram caption, a “couple xtra inches.” But within those couple extra inches are layers that hit on the actor’s cheek, jaw, clavicle, and chest.

Katherine Heigl’s Bob

If you thought dyeing her signature blonde tresses dark brown in fall 2019 was enough to keep Katherine Heigl from another dramatic hair change, think again. In February, the actor cut her medium-length hair into a true chin-length bob. However, it’s not the first time Heigl has had short hair, which accounts for the expert curling style.

Jane Fonda’s Pixie

Jane Fonda has long been known for serious volume, bangs, and wispy pieces. And now, she still has all of that, just in a pixie form. She debuted the cut — and striking silver hue — at the 2020 Oscars to an overwhelming amount of praise and adoration.

Eva Mendes’ Bob

If you’re shocked by Mendes’ short cut, so was the stylist that did it. According to Giannandrea, the shaggy bob was a first for the actor who usually keeps her hair length at least to her chest. There’s no denying the change looks good and fits what Giannandrea describes as a cut for “a modern designer business woman and cool mama!”

Kylie Jenner’s Bob

Though the cut originally came in February, Kylie Jenner officially showed off her bob-length strands to Instagram in April. The beauty mogul’s natural length came as surprise to many since she’s practically the queen of extensions in the KarJenner clan. While her short hair and altogether “hair health journey” didn’t last long, it’s definitely worth seeing.

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