PS5 Hidden Hardware Feature Will Be Enabled In an Update, Sony Says

In an update to the PlayStation 5 FAQ, Sony has revealed that a key piece of the console’s hardware will be enabled in an upcoming system software update. Since the launch of the console in the last few weeks, thousands of gamers have gotten their hands on Sony’s brand new current-gen piece of gaming hardware. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, the direct competitor of the PS5, launched the very same week.

Sony’s new console has been lauded by most gamers who have tried it, but as more and more players get their hands on the PlayStation 5 some hardware failures are sure to crop up. Some PS5 owners have reported that the system’s cooling fan is extremely loud, and this issue has been attributed to a loose sticker on the inside of the console. If the sticker becomes loose it can dangle in the way of the fan, causing a loud and repetitive sound. Other console owners are reporting an issue that prevents the PS5’s DualSense controller from charging while the console is in its low-power Rest Mode. Changing a power supply setting, or plugging the controller into one of the console’s rear USB ports, apparently fixes the issue.

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Sony has recently updated the PlayStation 5 FAQ, originally posted to the PlayStation Blog at the console’s release, explaining that the PS5 will support Variable Refresh Rate after an upcoming system firmware update. Variable refresh rate (VRR) is able to eliminate stutters and tears by keeping a game’s refresh rate in sync with its frame rate. This creates a much smoother gameplay experience, because both the display’s refresh rate and the game’s frame rate are totally in sync. VRR will only be available on televisions that support the feature, and only certain games will support VRR.

While Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles released less than two weeks ago, it appears that the PlayStation 5 may be performing better in terms of sales. It has been reported that the PS5 sold six times as many units in Japan as the Xbox Series X/S on the consoles’ launch week. In Japan 118,085 PlayStation 5 consoles were sold in its first week compared to the Xbox Series X/S’ 20,354 sales, and the Xbox even had a two-day head start. Now, with Black Friday sales quickly approaching, it seems likely that the PlayStation 5 will continue to perform well around the world despite reports of hardware malfunctions.

The addition of a Variable Refresh Rate option on the PlayStation 5 may come as a surprise to some, as few expected such a large performance update for the console so quickly. VRR is available only to those who own a compatible television display, and the performance option will only be available in certain games. However, for those able to utilize it, VRR will likely bring the PlayStation 5‘s powerful performance to even greater heights.

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