On sale now: a private audience with Queen Cersei and personal insults from an Inbetweener | News

If you are worried that celebrities may be falling on hard times because of the coronavirus — here is your chance to help. You can pay them to insult you.

A website offering personalised messages from actors, musicians and sports stars has seen a rush by locked-down celebrities to cash in on demand for video greetings from famous faces.

James Buckley, from the Channel 4 comedy series The Inbetweeners, has been happily swearing and cursing at his fans in the style of his character, Jay, for £41.50 a clip. He has earned £100,000 in three months from fans eager to be called a “bus wanker” by their foul-mouthed TV hero.

Personal video messages from celebrities

With film and television production and most professional sport suspended because of the virus,

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