Netizens shocked at the number of female celebrities that are turning 30 this year

Time flies, and that’s especially true for K-pop idols! It feels like it was only yesterday that many debuted as rookies. K-pop stars may seem like fountains of everlasting youth, so netizens were surprised to realize that these 13 Korean celebrities would be turning 30 this year!

Check the list of the Korean female celebrities turning 30 in 2020 below! Whose name surprised you the most?

1.Red Velvet’s Irene

2. Seohyun

3. Kim Go Eun

4. Heize

5. A Pink’s Chorong

6. Jang Jae In

7. Nana

8. MAMAMOO’s Solar

9. CL

10. Jung In Sun

11. LE

12. Actress Park So Dam

13. Actress Na Hye Mi

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