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Before Mother’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel turned his popular “bad tweet,quot; segment on the other hand, and instead made celebrities read fun text messages they had received from their mothers in recent months.

According to The Huffington PostKimmel and his team have been working on this segment for weeks before the COVID-19 blockade began. Earlier this year, staff at Jimmy Kimmel Live! He started asking celebrities to record funny messages from their mothers so they can put it all together in one segment to celebrate the party.

“Moms as we know them love to text, almost as much as they love to leave long voice messages,” Kimmel explained. “So in the past few months, before the virus took us underground, we’ve been asking our famous guests to read real text messages from the women who brought them into this world.”

Many celebrities came, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Emily Blunt, Renee Zellweger, Lakeith Stanfield, Will Arnett, Elle Fanning, January Jones, Ben Schwartz, Aidy Bryant, and Don Lemon.

Paltrow’s mother, actress Blythe Danner, is her neighbor on Long Island, and Danner sent Paltrow a series of messages asking her to swim in her daughter’s pool. But when Paltrow was unavailable and did not respond, her mother kept texting and finally decided to go for a walk because she did not want to get wet.

When Arnett texted her mother to find out what she was doing, she replied that she was looking The crown and he explained that he could still talk to him because he could “use the pause button,quot;.

Stanfield’s mother asked if he was interested in some burritos from one of his friends, and the attached picture showed several burritos sitting on the ground. Fanning’s mother sent him a labyrinthine message about the dangers of diving into a pool or the ocean. And, Jones’s mother asked if she had been contacted to become part of the South Dakota methamphetamine campaign.

Saturday night live Star mom Aidy Bryant had the best text in the segment. After learning that one of her daughter’s parodies had been cut for a while, she had an interesting insight into the sketch that was issued instead. To see all the fun “Mommy Texts,quot; from famous moms, you can watch the video above.

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