Hilarious celebrity homeschool snaps: Peter Andre, Robbie Williams, Georgia Tennant, and more

Sophie Hamilton

Ah homeschooling, it sure is a testing experience. Since the coronavirus lockdown started, parents all over the world have been surviving one huge multitasking challenge: work, teaching kids, housework equals A LOT. While many of us start each week with good intentions and our own versions of teaching plans (maybe), homeschooling doesn’t always go to plan, be it unwilling kids, exasperated parents or a silly moment that gives everyone a giggle.

Some of our favourite celebrities have also been educating their children at home and a few have shared the funniest photos of the reality of homeschooling. Check out these hilarious pics below…

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Kristen Bell

American actress Kristen Bell just got our award for funniest celeb homeschool snap. “Homeschool’s going okay,” she wrote besides a photo of herself covered in her children and a dog. Oh Kristen, we feel for you! There you are trying to share your knowledge with your offspring and they just use you as a climbing frame. One fan commented: “This.Is.Me. Down to the cold cup of coffee!”


Kristen recently told US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres of her homeschool experience: “I gave up, to be honest. I threw in the towel. I attempted to give her some math problems in the beginning of this quarantine. She answered the first and second one, and then she got really sassy and wrote, ‘No’ … in the answer grid.”

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Peter Andre

Doting dad Peter really gave us a chuckle with a recent post on his Instagram page. The TV presenter and singer posted a clip of his son Theo watching educational channel Steve and Maggie – but there was just one small issue. Peter asked his son: “Theo, is there a reason why we’re listening to Steve and Maggie in Hindi?” Hilarious!

One fan wrote: “Argh hahaha love a bit of Steve and Maggie, my daughter used to watch in any language, not anymore lol she learnt to speak and command I change it!” Another said: “Peter! Theo could go into Bollywood acting!”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Singer Sophie has five children and she’s now in lockdown trying to school them all. First off – she deserves a medal. We don’t blame her at all for the situation in this photo of her son Jesse having an early lunch at her computer. Sophie told her Instagram fans: “Sure Jesse, you can have a ketchup sandwich and watch my laptop while you have your lunch at 11.30 #daywhateveroflockdown #myhomeschoolingaintfoolingnoone.”


Sophie also shared the cutest ever clip of her one-year-old son Mickey pressing buttons on the washing machine when it was on. She wrote: “He’s so helpful.” Been there MANY times Sophie. Many.


Georgia Tennant

David Tennant’s wife Georgia shared this hilarious photo of one of her children hard at work – in a play tube. It’s not clear which daughter is in the photo – either eight-year-old Olive or five-year-old Doris – but the little girl was seen covering her head with a plastic crawl-through tunnel.


“Day one back at school is going excellently… #canigetonetoo #homeschool,” wrote Georgia. One follower said: “This is literally me right now but in bed.” Another commented: “Can I get one too? I’ve never related so much.”

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Robbie Williams

We love this so much. Robbie Williams and Ayda Field’s daughter Teddy turned the tables on her famous dad and decided he needed a bit of structure with his work schedule at home in lockdown. Ayda shared a clip of Teddy’s ingenious plan on her Instagram page, writing: “Teddy is enforcing her own strict computer quarantine rules for daddy #newbossintown #sundayvibes.”


In the clip we hear Teddy say: “Dad you’re on your computer too much! I need to give you a list.” The little girl had clearly thought it all through, giving him just five minutes computer time in the morning and allowing him 10 minutes screen time at lunch.” We heart you Teddy.

Amanda Seyfried

Mamma Mia actress Amanda gave us such a giggle with this photo in the early days of lockdown. They say a picture paints a thousand words and that is certainly true with this snap. We can imagine things went like this: “Mummy, can I draw on your face?” Amanda likely gives in to get five minutes’ peace, but on inspecting her child’s artwork, instantly regrets it. 



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