Coronavirus Takes Mark Blum, And Celebrities Are Devastated

Coronavirus has struck again, and this time, instead of just a diagnosis, it has taken a victim. Mark Blum, 69, contracted COVID-19 and passed away this week. More known for his Broadway appearances than he is for his movies. Blum did star in many movies like Desperately Seeking Susan, Crocodile Dundee, Miami Rhapsody, Shattered Glass, Step Up 3D and more. The tributes are pouring in, but so are the advisories. Self-isolation and social distancing are the only way to beat Coronavirus, until a vaccine comes out.

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Madonna Wrote In With A Remembrance

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Madonna starred with Mark Blum in Desperately Seeking Susan, and she remembered her co-star with these words. “I remember him as funny warm, loving .and professional when we made Desperately Seeking Susan in 1985!! Another reminder that this virus is no joke, nothing to be casual about or pretend won’t affect us in some way. We need to stay grateful -be hopeful- help each other-and follow the quarantine rules!” Clearly, while Madonna feels for Blum’s family, she is warning her fans to take even more care.

James Van Der Beek Remembered Blum With A Story

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James Van Der Beek worked with Blum in a play after Dawson’s Creek and says that he learned an invaluable lesson from Blum. Beek shared this story on Twitter. Apparently, during the play, one of the actresses was very, very late, and that too without any information. Beek expected Blum, as a senior actor, to get angry at the unprofessionalism shown. But Blum put the actress at ease, telling her he was glad that she was okay. Beek says he remembers how Blum taught him all about generosity and kindness that day.

Rosanna Arquette Sent Her Condolences Too

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Rosanna Arquette too poured in her condolences. She had once acted with Mark Blum in Desperately Seeking Susan along with Madonna. She took to Twitter to express her grief and said, “Sharon Waxman informed me of this very very hard news today I’m so deeply sad for his family and for his fans. he was a wonderful actor and a very good and kind man. May you Rest In Peace and power mark. God bless you.” Clearly, Blum will be missed.

Mark Hamill Put In A Sweet Word As Well

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When Blum’s niece took to Twitter to remember her uncle Mark, Mark Hamill was quick to send in his regard as well. Blum’s niece shared a sweet throwback picture of them when she was a little girl and said that her family was devastated. But that reading all the remembrances was “more special than you will ever know”. To this, Hamill replied, “We will never stop missing him.” Sadly, the Coronavirus rampage does not seem to be showing any signs of stopping soon…”

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