Coronavirus: Influencers, celebrities spread debunked claims, hoaxes

  • As with any global trending news topic, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the spread of viral misinformation, and some of it stems from influencers and celebrities trying to help their followers.
  • Rapper Chris Brown and influencer Kelvin “Brother Nature” Peña have two of the largest online platforms that were used to spread coronavirus hoaxes about quarantines and pseudo-medical advice. 
  • Other influencers like the beauty guru Cole Carrigan are tweeting fake news, while celebrities like Katy Perry and Shawn Mendes are falling for less serious but still fake edited videos of Italians singing.
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As the global coronavirus pandemic worsens, so has the spread of misinformation, fake news, and outright hoaxes about how to stay safe and what’s going to happen during periods of quarantine and social distancing. 

Some of the viral, debunked conspiracies about the coronavirus are being perpetuated by figures on social media with large followings – influencers and celebrities. Misinformation and hoaxes posted by people like rapper Chris Brown and influencer Kelvin “Brother Nature” Peña are likely being spread because they really believe them and want to help their followers, but they’re still incorrect.

There are also celebrities falling for things that just aren’t true – like Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, and Kim Kardashian, with the former two believing that the edited memes of Italians “singing” popular songs during quarantine are real, and with Kardashian sharing an alleged psychic’s coronavirus “prediction” that says the virus will disappear.

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