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What makes a Taurus a Taurus? If you ask someone who’s dating a Taurus, they’ll probably tell you that stubbornness is this sign’s defining trait — and while they have a fair point, that tendency to dig in their heels masks some pretty incredible other qualities too. Tauruses are loyal sensitive, and value stability, comfort, and luxury. This Earth sign is reliable, patient, and hardworking — and their celebrities proudly born under this sign are just the same.

Basically, Tauruses are known for playing the long game in all aspects of life, and they actually have the ambition and grit to follow through. So, it makes perfect sense that Taurus celebs have had some of the longest, most fulfilling careers in Hollywood — as Taurus stars Tina Fey, George Clooney, David Beckham, and Cher can all attest.

While our Taurus pals can often be tasked with being the calm voice of reason in stressful situations, we can overlook just how sensitive this Earth sign can be, leaning toward hobbies like garden, cooking, or painting to indulge their creative sides. We’ve noticed a trend among Taurus #girldads in particular — Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson, and Tim McGraw may seem like the strong and silent type to fans, but they have no problem tapping into their emotional side when it comes to their daughters.

In the end, you may sometimes get frustrated with your oh-so-stubborn mate — but remember, they steadfast and loving.

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