Charlotte Crosby slams celebrities who ‘go on about trolling’ insisting it’s made her stronger – The Sun

CHARLOTTE Crosby has hit out at other celebrities “go on” about social media trolling – insisting it has made her stronger.

The I’m A Celebrity star, 30, has been trolled on her social media accounts but she says it doesn’t bother her and she “can’t bear” other celebrities talking about it.


Charlotte hit out at celebrities who moan about trollingCredit: Instagram

Speaking on Instagram live, Charlotte was asked about how she coped with trolling but she cut the question off.

She said: “I hate when people literally go on about the trolling. I can’t bear when that’s all that people talk about.

“Yes people are going to say bad things. People say bad things about people who aren’t on the telly.

“When you’re at school you get picked on, you get name called, you get bullied – that’s life. That’s the top and bottom of it. It’s what makes you stronger, it’s what keeps you going in life.”

 The reality star recently celebrated her 30th birthday


The reality star recently celebrated her 30th birthdayCredit: Instagram
 She broke lockdown rules last week


She broke lockdown rules last weekCredit: Instagram

She added: “When I wasn’t on telly everyone in Sunderland hated us, I got slagged off to high hells and it didn’t bother us, I didn’t care.

“I’m not talking about the trolls. For every one bad comment I get 150 amazing ones. But no-one wants to talk about them they want to talk about the bad.

“I will not give any life to trolls. These people are nothing.”

Charlotte insisted she would only reply to fans with nice messages as she wants to reward that behaviour and ignore the negativity.

Inside Charlotte Crosby’s 30th birthday celebrations in lockdown with boyfriend Liam Beaumont

Last week Charlotte was criticised for breaking lockdown rules again to attend her own birthday party at her mum’s house.

It comes after she moved in with her new boyfriend during lockdown.

However a rep for Chatlotte insisted she didn’t break any of the rules.

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