‘Celebrity IOU’: Viola Davis’ episode raises questions on affordability as fans demand show for regular people

HGTV’s ‘Celebrity IOU’ has returned with Episode 3 and it couldn’t get any better.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ star Viola Davis was on the show to collaborate with Drew and Jonathan Scott to gift her friend of 31 years a new space, using which she can entertain her guests and find herself a nook to listen to her records peacefully.

Even though it was an emotionally-charged episode, fans seem to have a completely different take on not just the episode but the overall show and the core idea of it. There’s a section of viewers who feel the premise is completely unrealistic and are now demanding a show that caters to regular people.  
“Not watching. Enough of al the flippin rich people… how about a show for regular people with affordable options for design!!!! THAT would be popular,” a viewer pointed out.

Even though the prices are not mentioned on the show, especially the kind of flooring materials and fixtures that come into play, fans are guessing they’ll be on the high-end, expensive side because celebrities are involved here and they have money to spare. 

“Board with all the shows. Unrealistic shows. Need to cater to the masses who can’t afford homes over 350,000.00. Don’t like throwing away cabinets that are in great shape. Donate them,” another fan commented.

Often times, the houses that are being renovated are not in dilapidated condition. The demolition involves breaking down walls and uprooting perfectly-alright looking kitchen counters, which fans think will find some use in other households. 

“Watching! Love this show and all of their shows. I could never afford to have any of this done but I can get some good ideas,” a user shared. Sure, the affordability could be an issue with viewers, but there are also some who would like to look at the brighter side.

The hosts/design experts Drew and Jonathan Scott have some great open floor ideas. They know how to make an area airy and bright which could come in handy for those looking at an upgrade.

“Another stupid show. Do you watch the one with Brad Pitt in Los Angeles… Three weeks to get the job done. You can’t even pull a freaking permit in that time,” another viewer thought the time frame given to the Scott brothers to finish the reno work may be impractical.

However, not all is bad news for the show because there’s a good bunch that happens to like what ‘Celebrity IOU’ has to offer. Catch all the new episodes of the show on HGTV every Monday.

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