Celebrities on clean-up duty: how Katrina Kaif, Joan Collins and more are helping out around the house

Doing the dishes, taking out the garbage and whipping up home-cooked meals are commonplace for us mere mortals … but there is something rather refreshing about seeing our favourite celebrities do the same/

With A-listers around the world quarantined or self-isolating, many have taken to social media to show themselves performing everyday household chores. From window cleaning to sweeping the floor, here’s a look at how some celebrities are pulling their weight around the house.

Some have even sent out appreciative messages to their regular house-help, acknowledging the work they do and giving them the kudos they deserve.

Katrina Kaif

The Bollywood actress has been extremely active around the house, judging by her Instagram account. Last week she put up a post explaining that, with her house helper self-isolating, she and her sister, Isabelle Kaif, were taking turns to do the dishes. She even uploaded a short tutorial to show people (who may have forgotten) the right way to clean dishes (that also saves water).

“This really makes you appreciate all the help we have at home,” she captioned the post.

However, that wasn’t the end of it. Two days later, she put up another post showing her sweeping the floor. “We’re all doing our part,” she said in the caption, adding that it was really good exercise.

Joan Collins

The award-winning British actress, 86, is not having any house help over as she stays in self-isolation. Instead, Collins shared a picture on her social media, showcasing her and husband Percy Gibson cleaning out their house. While she’s spotted cleaning the windows, Gibson seems to be on make-the-bed duty. “Well, somebody has to do it,” reads her caption.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli

Although not technically an everyday chore, Bollywood actress Sharma got quite a lot of attention online when she posted a sweet video of herself cutting husband Kohli’s hair. “This is what quarantine does to you,” the cricketer joked in the video, which has accrued four 4 million views in a day.

Charlie XCX

The British singer-songwriter has posting regularly about her self-quarantine, and has even been sharing her playlists online. Here’s a video of the singer washing dishes while belting out a tune.

Chrissy Teigen

The model and cookbook author famously knows and loves all things food, so it comes as no surprise that Teigen has spent a good part of her social isolation whipping up a storm in the kitchen with husband John Legend and their children. She recently made headlines when she shared pictures of a banana bread she baked, which she then offered to trade online with anyone who could give the family lettuce. YouTube star Chris Klemens took up the offer and later shared a funny picture of their social-distancing-friendly swap.

Karisma Kapoor

Teigen isn’t the only celebrity spending her lockdown baking. Earlier this week, Kapoor shared a picture of herself baking a cake for her family and staff while practising social distancing, using the hashtag #stayhome.

Sidharth Shukla

Indian actor and model Shukla is certainly keeping busy, too. The star recently posted a four-minute YouTube video showcasing him doing a number of household chores, including chopping onions, dusting and washing the dishes.

Malaika Arora Khan

Meanwhile, Arora Khan told fans all about her love for cooking. In a bid to “stay safe and healthy”, the star took to making a vegetable stew, with a recipe she borrowed from her mother. She shared the process on Instagram, reminding people to stay home. “I hope you too utilise this time to do something positive and healthy. Stay calm and stay safe,” she added.


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