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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — A shortage of Coronavirus tests has left many people sick and upset.

Healthcare workers on the frontlines are also exposed to the virus’ dangers. But the list of rich politicians, celebrities and athletes getting tested grows by the day.

Sparking a national debate of why the privileged gain access over other Americans. It almost seems that if you need a Coronavirus test, being rich and famous might help.

This past week we’ve seen a number of wealthy celebrities, social media influencers and politicians get access to the vital test….many without having symptoms. The accusations of preferential treatment have even reached the White House.

When the Titanic was sinking the priority was to save women and children, but the rescue started with the first class section. While that was a movie it seems that caring for the wealthy and powerful, in real life, is also a priority.

“What the corona. Yea I had to get a test but it came back negative,” said rapper Drake.

He announced to his father on Instagram that he was tested for the deadly virus…even without showing symptoms.

The Brooklyn Nets managed to get tests for their entire roster.

Stars like Idris Elba, Heidi Klum, Kris Jenner were also tested just because they may have been in contact with a confirmed infected person.

Meanwhile, Coronavirus testing remains in short supply across the country.

Our health care workers and many sick people are still not able to get a test.

CNN contributor Dr. Seema Yasmin questioned how Senator Rand Paul got his hands on a test if he was feeling fine

In an ideal world, getting this limited and vital test would be given on a basis of priority not privilege.

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