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Billy Porter, like millions of others, are pretty sick of what’s going on in Washington right now, and he’s using his musical talent in order to bring about change.

On Friday (April 24), the multi-hyphenate star released a cover of Buffalo Springfield’s legendary 1966 song “For What It’s Worth,” which is often interpreted as an anti-war anthem.

“Back in the day, protest music was a big thing. Being political as an artist, taking a stand, having a voice, using your platform to speak truth to power— that was a thing. And I wanted that to be a thing again, because that’s the only way I can contribute,” Porter told The Hollywood Reporter. “That’s the only way I know how. I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a politician. I’m not a community organizer. But I’m an artist and if I can use this platform that I have to make a change and make a difference, I want to.”

The Pose actor says the upcoming November election is one of the most important of our lifetime, as Donald Trump’s deadly mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic becomes a daily reminder. Just this week, the president suggested an “injection” of disinfectant for people infected with COVID-19 as a treatment for the disease.

“We would not be in this position had that task force been in place. Period. The end. It’s Trump’s fault,” Porter said. “It’s his administration’s fault where we are— not the actual pandemic, but how it’s been dealt with. It’s the fault of the administration that’s in f***ing office right now.”

Billy Porter spoke more about his latest song release with The Hollywood Reporter in a Q&A format. Read the full interview here and listen to “For What It’s Worth” below.

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