6 Celebrities That Drastically Changed Their Look With Plastic Su

When anyone looks at these comparisons it will be easy to say (and they will) “one picture is from when they were much younger and the other is not.” Sure, age catches up with everyone and it plays a role but you don’t have to look far to see man made alterations. Hollywood is a funny little place, it somehow makes really pretty people think they need to “fix their face.” Here are six celebrities whose plastic surgery (admitted or not) has transformed their look forever.

My dream plastic surgery will be to have the head/upper body of Megan Fox, rear end of J-Lo, legs of Eva Mendes and away we go. They say the safest love is ‘self-love’ and a surgery like this would have me off and running. This is my ‘doomsday prepping’ and once fully equipped I’ll never need anyone else again, for anything, ever.

P.S. When I am real old and grey someone will remind me I constructed this series of wasteful words and assembled this gallery. I will look them in the eye and tell them I’m not proud of it but it’s a testament to the shame defense I’d built up over the years. Over a long enough period of time you wear layers of shame that become so thick they protect you from the outside world like an armor. If you are going to do something, go all the way. On that note, what the hell was Mickey Rourke thinking? Dude was one of the most handsome men on the Earth and now he walks around looking like a melted candle.


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