24 times celebrities have been completely unrelatable in quarantine

  • The coronavirus pandemic is heightening class consciousness globally, leading hashtags like #Guillotine2020 to trend. 
  • Now more than ever, the general public is acutely aware of the ways in which the needs of celebrities, influencers, and the wealthy have been prioritized during the pandemic. 
  • Celebrities have also been sheltered from the worst effects of the crisis by their wealth and access to resources. 
  • A number of A-listers have been accused of tone-deafness on social media during the ongoing crisis. 
  • Less fortunate individuals across the globe are finding themselves in grave financial straits, as infections and unemployment continue to rise. 
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Celebrities are said to be just like us, but if you’re feeling a little resentful of the rich and famous right now, you’re not alone. Global health crises have a way of throwing social inequality into sharp relief. As much as we want to believe “we’re all in this together,” the pandemic continues to bring daily reminders that celebrities and other wealthy elites are separated from ordinary Americans by an ever-widening class divide. 

Some celebrities have made positive contributions to the COVID-19 relief effort, but empty words and gestures are commonplace as millions struggle to survive in small spaces, stay healthy, and pay their bills. 

Here are all of the celebrity social media faux pas we’ve witnessed during the pandemic thus far, reminding us all that the ultrawealthy are living in a very different world than the rest of us. 

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