14 Celebrities And Their Custom Jeeps

Many drivers have moved away from sedans and opted for bigger vehicles such as pickups and SUVs. Several automakers have noticed the trend in the increase of SUV sales and have produced models to ensure that they get their piece of the pie. Jeep is one of the automakers that has been ahead of the curb – they’ve been producing SUVs for decades.

The U.S. automaker has earned a reputation for producing some of the best off-road vehicles. They have ensured that their models contain top of the range off-road capabilities, and the market has noticed. It’s not only the off-road capabilities that Jeep has invested effort into, but they have also done a lot of work on the design. Although many Jeeps models have an alluring package, some consumers decided that they wanted a custom one. So, we compiled photos of customized Jeeps that celebs own.

14 Extra Stretch For Shaq

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Considering that Shaquille O’Neal has such a massive frame, it’s not a surprise that he needs his cars stretched. Not only did Shaq have his Lamborghini and Ferrari stretched, but he also hired West Coast Customs to stretch his Jeep and to add a few other features to make it a custom Jeep Wrangler.

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13 Bright As A Rose

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Being a model and an actress has allowed Amber Rose not only to be in the public’s eye but also to purchase some nice toys. When she was deciding how to make her Jeep stand out from the rest, she opted for a chrome pink wrap and pink patterns on the wheels and other parts of the car.

12 A-Rod’s Surprise

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Alex Rodriguez is one lucky guy. Not only does he have a successful career in baseball and is engaged to Jennifer Lopez, but besides that, he’s also got one of the coolest Jeeps on the road. TMZ reported that the A-Rod’s Jeep has a cigar humidor, a custom grille, 26″ Forgiato wheels and an iPad Pro embedded on the dash.

11 Floyd Needing Space

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One of the things that Floyd Mayweather enjoys is comfort. He likes to have a lot of space and luxury, especially when he’s commuting. When he got his hands on a Jeep, he decided to get Avorza, an auto customization company in Miami, to make it according to his specifications. There’s plenty of TMT logos on the car.

10 Chilling With Diddy

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P Diddy has accomplished a lot in his career, which has amassed him a fortune of almost $1 billion. He’s known for buying some of the most lavish vehicles on the road and even bought a Maybach for his son’s 16th birthday. Diddy wanted his Jeep to be doorless. Daily Mail reported that Diddy was cruising around West Hollywood.

9 Carmelo Anthony’s Baby

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Having a great career in the NBA means that Carmelo Anthony has quite a bit of cash. He used some of it to purchase vehicles. Just above the right fender is the word Unique, and it also appears on the plate that Anthony is pointing at. This is definitely a unique Jeep that you won’t find on a dealership floor.

8 42 Million Jamaican Dollars


If you were curious about how much Usain Bolt spent to customize his Jeep Wrangler, it was 42 million Jamaican dollars. Translate that into U.S. currency, and you’ll get about US $305,000. The Auto Firm was responsible for customizing Bolt’s Jeep, which arrived to him just in time for Christmas.

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7 The Game Surprises Assistant

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The Game is full of surprises. He wanted to show that he appreciated his assistant’s hard work, so he bought her a custom Jeep for her birthday. Auto Evolution reported that LoLo, the assistant, received a Jeep that had 22′ tires, 50″ LED light bars, and full-on white bodywork. The Game said that LoLo cried when she got the gift.

6 Beckford Keeping A Low Key

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Tyson Beckford has achieved a tremendous amount of success in the fashion industry. His estimated net worth of $20 million has allowed him to get customized cars. Beckford opted for a custom Jeep, but he was not in the mood for paparazzi when out in New York with his fancy ride.

5 Hart On Top Of The World

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Funnyman Kevin Hart has done incredibly well in the comedy and movie industry. During his comedy special in Philadelphia entitled Kevin Hart: What Now?, the comedian received a Jeep Wrangler from his friends. He called it the What Now Jeep Wrangler and thanked his friends for their support.

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4 The Perfect Pitch

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Salvador Perez is a catcher for the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball. He’s got quite an appetite for a range of vehicles. Besides owning a Chevrolet Camaro and a Range Rover, Perez also has a customized Jeep Wrangler. No doubt that Perez is thrilled with his collection.

3 Celebrity Jeep Custom Content Winner

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Appearing on TV definitely has its perks. Besides getting exposure to viewers around the world, some celebrities are also crowned winners. That’s exactly what happened to Maria Menounos when she was crowned the first winner of the Jeep Wrangler Celebrity Customs Competition, according to Kendall.

2 Quavo Flying High

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After the success that Quavo had with the hip hop group Migos, he decided to treat himself to a couple of toys. Besides driving a Lamborghini and a Mercedes G-Wagon, Quavo couldn’t resist the allure of a customized Jeep. It seems that he wanted his Jeep to be completely open.

1 Usher’s Sparkly Ride

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Whatever Usher does, he does it in style. So, when he bought a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, he ensured that it was stylish. Usher got his Rubicon’s suspension lifted about three inches, and he also had the wings modified. The only thing that’s left is for Usher to take it off-road and muddy it. Probably won’t happen.

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